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Blue Dragon (Dub) information
Blue Dragon (Dub)
As Shu's village was being attacked by an unknown enemy, he and his friends, Jiro and Kluke decide to defend their home. They soon meet warrior Zola and receive the powers of Shadow, an ability that let's them transform their shadow into a powerful monster. Shu receives one of the most powerful monsters, Blue Dragon, and they all set out to defeat their enemy.
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Episode Language
Blue Dragon 15.3gp English
Blue Dragon 14.3gp English
Blue Dragon 13.3gp English
Blue Dragon 12.3gp English
Blue Dragon 11.3gp English
Blue Dragon 10.3gp English
Blue Dragon 9.3gp English
Blue Dragon 8.3gp English
Blue Dragon 7.3gp English
Blue Dragon 6.3gp English
Blue Dragon 5.3gp English
Blue Dragon 4.3gp English
Blue Dragon 3.3gp English
Blue Dragon 2.3gp English
Blue Dragon 1.3gp English
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